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Some: New Arrivals in the Abaya Collection

New arrival abaya

Good news for ladies who wear Abaya we have some new arrivals in stores, no one ever says that I have lots of clothes and same is the case with Abaya ladies always want to wear new clothes whenever they are going out with friends or they have to attend an event. So Ladies who wear Abaya they buy numerous kinds of Abaya so that they never go out style and stay updated with whatever is new in fashion. Everyone wishes to look modern and exclusive no one wants to end up wearing old fashioned clothes or jewelry. We can figure out if a new collection is in store because a shop full of ladies signifies this, no one wants to miss on their favorite pieces and neither do they wish to dress alike. Hijabs are equally important as Abaya because without them the look is rather incomplete and a badly wrapped hijab can mess-up your whole look especially when you are attending special occasions. In 2016-17 ladies are focusing more on the kind of look they want and along with the Abaya and Hijab Makeup is also very important to look beautiful.

New: Arrivals in Abaya’s

New arrival abayaThis is an net Abaya and we can see how beautiful it looks being paired with a black lining and a plain black scarf.

New arrival abaya

This is a black Abaya with self print on it and is worn with a plain black scarf and it paired with a black brightly printed handbag.

New arrival abaya

This black an electric blue Abaya is completely out of the world and to add more volume it is paired with an electric blue head scarf.