Simple Tutorial for the Selendang Hijab

The Selendang is a simple Hijab form, and you can learn how to tie it by following a few easy tutorials! These tutorials will teach you Cara memakai about simple and terkini scarf styles! To learn about these terbaru styles should keep you updated about the scarf world! If you want to wear your simple Pashmina shawl and create a Gaya statement then you need the help of these tutorials. You should know how to Cara Pakai your scarves and how to carry them! It’s healthy for your fashion health! Below are a few Gambars we have decided to share with you that show a few Abaya designs like the Jilbab and how you can Cara Menggunakan your scarves and Hijabs!

Simple Selendang Hijab Tutorial

tutorial hijab selendang simple

We would want you to watch tutorials rather than read the instructions from pictures. But for some it is easier to follow written instructions. So we thought we could give you an idea what such pictures look like.

tutorial hijab selendang simple

Here is a way of tying a Hijab in a turban style. It’s chic, fun and very different!

tutorial hijab selendang simple

Just as promised! A picture of the Jilbab! Isn’t this a fun Hijab style?!

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