Simple Turkish hijab Style tutorial give you an elegant look

Turkish hijab tutorial

The Turkish hijab is a beautiful style and what better way to learn it than a tutorial. It’s a simple style that can be worn with a detailed dress and will give you the simple classical look.

Turkish hijab tutorial

What type of scarves to use

The types of scarves used for this style are mostly large satin scarves. The Turkish also make use of square scarves and style them in a simple front wrap. They also created the famous point in the centre of your head which has become one of the latest fashion trends.

A simple Turkish hijab tutorial to get you started

Turkish hijab tutorial

Step 1: Place the scarf on you head and keep it at equal lengths.

Step 2: Pin it at your neck using a non-snag hijab pin.

Step 3: Grab hold of one of the flaps.

Step 4: Place it over the opposite shoulder.

Step 5: Grab hold of the other flap.

Step 6: Place it over the opposite shoulder.

Your hijab style is now complete and you look fabulous.

How to wear this style for any occasion

There are many uses for this style. You can wear it with casual clothes or a formal dress. There are even ways to wear it as a bride. Let me take you through some of the many ways of pulling off the look.

Turkish hijab tutorialTurkish hijab tutorialTurkish hijab tutorialTurkish hijab tutorialTurkish hijab tutorialTurkish hijab tutorial

I hope this was an informative tutorial and you learnt some new styles and Turkish fashion.