Simple Hijab Tutorial With a Square Scarf

hijab tutorial square scarf

This Hijab Tutorial explains to you how to wear your square Scarf or Hijab in a fabulous and different way, like something you have never tried before. This fabulous look is perfect for daily wear such as school, work,family gatherings and so on. Square Scarf is a simple style. You can wear maxi styles with it. Segiempatparis andthe Aquila style are similar to the square hijab style. Muslim Women think that this style is difficult so they usually don’t do it. It’s basically very easy to wear.

Step By Step Tutorial using a Square Scarf (Hijab)

All you will need is square hijab and pins. I love this Hijab color but it doesn’t matter what color shawl you have, it will still look as gorgeous as this one does.

Preferably wear a black underscarf, or any other color you might like. Follow the steps below and you will easily create this style in less than 10 minutes. There are a lot of Tutorials of Natasha Farani, you can also get ideas from there. But we have given you a step by step Hijab tutorial using aSquare scarf, so you don’t want to go anywhere.
hijab tutorial square scarf

Step 1: Place the scarf on your head with a short and long end.

Step 2: Pin down the one end.

Step 3: Grab the short end.

Step 4: Bring it over to the other side and pin.

Step 5: Grab the long end.

Step 6: Bring it across your chest.

Step 7 and 8: Bring it over your head and pin down.