Simple Henna Designs For Hands Step By Step

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Henna designs for hands step by step. You are probably looking at all these mendhi designs which I post on my articles and wondering how you can recreate the looks and designs. I find it a bit easy to follow a pattern using an image. It will be even easier to follow the design if you have a step-by-step tutorial. This will make it much easier and make you design seem more accurate. It is important to get the strokes and lines perfect for a professional look. I noticed that the outcome of my mendhi design depends on my mood. I need to be fully focused and enthusiastic when making the patterns, otherwise it won’t be perfect. A steady hand is also important to get a clean, polished pattern. I have nerves and I don’t have a steady had and therefore I wouldn’t make a mendhi pattern on anyone else easily. Try piping mendhi while your right hand is shaking and your left hand which needs mendhi applied is shaking too! Ha-ha! This happened to me yesterday, the struggle is real! Oh, and before I forget, there are mendhi design books available online and in-store for beginners wanting to learn the art of mendhi patterns. Click here to view my in-depth article.

How To Do Henna Designs For Hands Step By Step

I wish I saw these earlier or searched for it before doing my henna pattern. Anyway, rather late than never. Let’s look at how we can get started on these henna designs by doing them ourselves.


Step 1: Create a circle and start piping the petals of the flower. Make a dot in the centre of the circle.

Step 2: Add more petals until you complete it full-circle. Add the tear-drops and centre dots.

Step 3: Create the peacock-feather like pattern and start with the design in the corner as seen in the image.

Step 4: Start filling the design with the pattern seen in the image.

Step 5: Create the fan next to the flower. the design is quite similar to the flower.

Step 6: Add on to the design and follow the image to perfect the design.

Step 7: Continue the design onto your arm.

Step 8: The completed design.

henna designs for hands step by step

That is a more advanced henna pattern for those who passed the beginner stage and want to try something more advanced.

Henna Patterns Step-By-Step

Their are some girls that don’t want to an entire pattern on their hands but rather  a small design on their fingers. Have  a look below for step-by-step designs.

how-to-apply-a-proper-heena-mehndi-designs-by-yourself-step-by-step-tutorial-9 henna designs for hands step by step

Henna Pattern Fillers

There are times when you are stuck with ideas on how to fill your pattern or give it a complete look. Here are some ideas on designs you can use to fill your pattern.

henna designs for hands step by step henna designs for hands step by step henna designs for hands step by step henna designs for hands step by step


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