Simple Abaya Designs for Hand Sleeves

Abaya fashion has been rigorous for a very long time, so ironically if you wear simple hand designs, you stand out more; however we love the sleeves fashion that has been going on. Since 2016 began, we have seen women courting plain Abayas with exaggerated sleeves and we love it! Some of the sleeves have unique embroideries, stone work, hand work done on them, and they look absolutely stunning and stylish! This trend has made its way into the bridal world as well, where we see women wearing Abayas that pay equal attention to the sleeves when it comes to embroidery or stone work. The more exclusive ones have handmade delicate embroidery on them such as chikenkari or intricate lace work done on them. The gowns on Mehendies, Barats and even Walimas are just gorgeous! And these stylish girls are wearing them with beautiful Hijabs like a boss! We believe this trend that has begun from Arabia will continue till 2017. They have some really stylish designs that can simple transform the entire traditional black Burqa! So when you are making your new collection, keep this particular style and our tips in mind because we can’t seem to get enough of it!

Ideas: Simple Hand Sleeve Designs for Abayas

simple abaya hand designs

What we love about this design is how it can easily be used on black Burqas and transform the entire look very easily!

simple abaya hand designs

In this picture, the design only uses a simple ribbon with beads to tie the sleeves, although it is highly simple, it gives a beautiful look to the Abaya design.


simple abaya hand designs

This shows how you can utilize sequence work on the sleeves. Not only does it allow you to add colors in your black Abaya, but also makes the Abaya look classier immediately.

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