Shalwar Kameez Worn With Various Hijab Styles

Muslim girls in many parts of the country like Pakistan, wear shalwar kameez with different hijab styles. This gives a very traditional look, but at the same time, can look very modern. This is a dress that is worn as a casual outfit in everyday life, at the same time it can be worn to formal events if different materials and shirt cuts are used for stitching. Nowadays new designs for shalwar kameez have been introduced into the market  as fashion keeps on evolving with every passing day. There are simple and easy ways of carrying a hijab with shalwar kameez, with matching colors and materials. This headscarf can also be worn in contrast with the dress. However, different girls use different hijab styles that compliment their face cut. Most of the top styles of how to carry hijab styles with shalwar kameez are shown on the internet.

Hijab Styles Shalwar Kameez Collection

This is a traditional shalwar kameez worn with a hijab, shown in the image below. The same colors are used in the hijab, which are seen in the dress itself.

hijab styles shalwar kameez

However, this image is not of a traditional shalwar kameez. It is a slightly modern take on the dress. It is called an anarkali dress with a lot of panels used in the cloth itself. This type of cut can be used for formal events.

hijab styles shalwar kameez

The dress shown in the image below can be worn to a wedding. The hijab style resembles a turban. However, the color combination of the dress is quite unusual.

hijab styles shalwar kameez

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