Red Hijabs for Weddings

Brides who prefer wearing red on their weddings are very common in the subcontinent. It is a beautiful color indeed, and the brilliant part of it is that the red Hijab not only is the color of passion, but also helps make the bride look innocent. Don’t believe us? Well we have pictures below to help you prove wrong! The way Indian brides dress up is far more different than what brides in Arabia dress up like. The Indian bride has a typical traditional look that it inherits from the Mughal era. So whether it’s a Muslim Pakistani bride or an Indian bride, both look extremely royal in their attire. Of course there are some variations in cultures but the main look is almost the same. Now as some brides might prefer wearing a veil over their dress, it’s not necessary. However, brides are keen on wearing lots of jewelry and the functions are very colorful as well. Girls have their own preferences when it comes to the color combination. Our favorite combination is red and green, however white and red also looks brilliant. Other things such the sleeves length, the style and design of the dresses vary as well. Over all the Indian bride is recognized by her typical red dress, professional makeup and stunning royal jewelry.

Ideas for Red Hijabs for Weddings

red wedding hijabThis is to give an idea of the red bridal dress. Its red, it’s extremely fancy, and the bride is wearing a lot of jewelry. Yes this is definitely a typical Indian bridal dress.

red wedding hijab

This picture is posted to show you the kind of intricate work and makeup brides do on their weddings! Can you see how exaggerated and beautiful it is?

red wedding hijab

An example of the kind of veil brides wears. They are usually made out of net!

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