Ramadaan countdown begins!

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It’s the last weekend before Ramadaan and the final countdown begins… now!

When I was in school, the last Friday before Ramadaan starts, would be the day many Muslim children would order take-aways like Nando’s or Debonair’s pizza and have them delivered at school. I always thought it to be an unnecessary custom which I could never understand. It’s like… stuff your face with all the food you can before the fast starts.

Needless to say, I never thought a few years down the line, I would be embracing the same trend. Many people, including the older adults, watch their last movie, eat their last favorite take-out and smoke their last…ha-ha! But it’s true, I’m purely stating the facts.

This weekend you’ll see malls packed with Muslim’s roaming around in the food isles, eyeing each item and tossing them in the trolley. We all do this, we stock up for Ramadaan and say we’re going to eat this and that AND THAT!!! But when sehri and Iftaar time comes, we just don’t feel like eating. I will definitely be grocery shopping too… can never have too much food 😛

So… since it’s the last weekend in which we can eat…I’m thinking of getting some nice Wembley samoosas, whopper burgers and finishing it off with falooda. FYI, Wembley is a  roadhouse in Cape Town which sells everything from burgers to breyani and waffles to jalebis and the reason why I love it, is the food tastes HOME-MADE!!IMG_01131


What will you be getting up to an the last weekend before Ramadaan?