Preparation for the month of Ramadaan

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Ramadaan is less than 30 days away!

It’s amazing how timeĀ  passes buy so quickly… I still remember attending the Muharram program at the masjid and soon we will all be attending Taraweeh, Insha-Allah. Ramadaan is on our doorstep and I truly get excited to fast. As soon as Rajab starts, it’s like the excitement builds up inside me.

There’s many aspects to look at when preparing for the month of Ramadaan. The most obvious one being the FOOD!!! Yes, we still fold our own samosas and make each persons preference in the household, chicken, mince, potato and veg.

I was listening to the Jumuah khutbah and was kind of shocked to hear adverts for EID EXPO’s in April!!! I was so shocked! That is super early. Well, apparently, the reason behind it is so that people buy all their Eid outfits before Ramadaan begins, so that when the holy month arrives, they only concentrate on ibadah. When I heard the explanation I doubted my initial reaction.

Preparation for Ramadaan

The physical and mental aspect of preparation is important too. Just note how people change during this month. They are kinder, more helpful and giving. People are more mindful of bad habits and give up everyday “needs”. I often wondered if people can live without certain things in Ramadaan, why not the whole year?

The daily routine during Ramadaan

We normally get a missed call from a family member to “wake up to eat in the morning”, haha! That’s what we call it, everyone laughs cos we make such a long sentence out of something that can easily be said in one word “sehri”. The day then continues as usual, work, school, campus. The inevitable ” don’t you get hungry?”, “can’t you even drink water?” questions. Alhamdullilah, people of other faiths are very understanding and they won’t ever eat in front of you out of respect, because ” you are fasting”.

Weekends are the best part! You get invited for iftaar and it’s like a mini family get-together every weekend. During the week it’s quite busy and no one has time, but there’s always children taking savoury or cake platters over to neighbours a few minutes before the athaan goes off.

It’s those little things that brings out the Ramadaan spirit, the gift of giving…
The taraweeh and salaatul-layl is most amazing. Each masjid has it’s own bacha boys (as they are known in Cape Town) and listening to recitations from the holy quran in the silence of the night is indescribable.

May your preparations go well and let me know in the comment box below how you prepare for Ramadaan, or what’s cooking in your pot!Haha!

Until next time… Salaams