Peacock Mehndi Design For Hands For 2017

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Peacock mehndi design for hands is very special and has been used for many brides and is the most common form of mehndi designs for hands. We have had lots of articles on mehndi patterns since it is a popular topic for girls and ladies wanting to try out new designs. Click here to view.

Peacock Mehndi Designs For 2017

The peacock mehndi design has been coming on for centuries. They have been used by Hindu’s on their mehndi patterns for their wedding days. The peacock is a bird known for its beautiful feathers. The peacock itself normally features in the mehndi design or the feather. Most times you will see the entire peacock in the design. The body of the peacock forms a paisley shape and paisley is also an eastern print which is prominent in mehndi designs. Depending on your personal style and preference, you may decide on a simple peacock mehndi design or an intricate one. I have seen some pretty modern mehndi designs where they have the colour of the feathers as well. I always admired the peacock feather because of it’s beautiful colours. I remember my grandmother having peacock feathers in her house. I always admired the pink, purple and green colours. I guess peacock feathers suits the vibrant colours found in India and it makes sense for them to use the peacock in their mehndi design. If there is a particular reason why the peacock is used and a significance behind it, please enlighten me, as I am purely sharing the different designs and would like to learn more about it.

Intricate Peacock Mehndi Designs

Peacock mehndi designs are not only used on the hands but they are also applied to the feet. Applying them to the feet creates a desired effect, especially since the feathers can be drawn up the legs or down to the ankles. Here are images to strike your imagination.

peacock mehndi design for hands peacock mehndi design for hands


They can also be drawn from the hands and moving up to the arms, as seen in the image below.

peacock mehndi design for hands

This is the design which I spoke of earlier which combined the coloured feather with the mehndi design. It also makes use of glitter mehndi and jewels. I haven’t tried the glitter mehndi yet, have you?

Modern Peacock Mehndi Designs For 2017

peacock mehndi design for hands peacock mehndi design for hands  peacock mehndi design for hands peacock mehndi design for hands

I particularly  like this simple design with the yellow featuring in it. This is a nice design for girls to try out.

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