Pakistani Fancy Dresses For Eid By Sana Safinaz

pakistani fancy dresses for eid

The Latest pakistani fancy dresses for eid 2016-2017 are out, ladies. Go and grab them.

Fashion is craze that hits our society, repeatedly, time after time. It’s consistent, mighty hitting engulfs young minds and bodies. One fashion appears, is appreciated, blooms, spreads, envelopes and then diminishes, soon to be replaced by another version of itself. People love fashion: it keeps things new, going and afresh. It keeps them on their toes.

But when it comes to Pakistani traditional clothing, shalwar kameez, no one excels at their making like our lawn designers like Sana Safina’s do. They come up with something new and different several times each year! As the year starts, the mid winter edition comes out. These unstitched pieces of clothing have the kind of material pleasantly appropriate for that time of the year, with a slightly thicker “kameez piece” and “shawl-like” dupattas. Then comes the spring collection. Lighter materials and softer colours. The most recent releases of 2016 in Pakistan are the Eid collections and summer collection. These designers really do know what they are doing. They use the thinest material (without it being see through), the kind that will transport you right into your comfort zone. These traditional Pakistani dresses are suitable for both party and casual wear.

For the Eid collection, they take one step further to ensure you maintain standard of the blessed occasion. The dresses will come with shiny, intricate laces and gorgeous machine embroidery. The color combinations? Don’t even worry about them. You will find some of the best. What’s more, you have got a lot of choice!

This time you had Eid ul Fitr, and will have Eid ul Adha, in summers. And yet the balance our genius designers have found is incredible. The style is not compromised because of the material, or vice versa.

Our Website and Sana Safinaz Summer Collection 2016 in Collaboration

We admire the work of the designers of Sana Safina’s, the quality of their product and their service.

We also respect your wish to shop with them. We have hence put together this website that lets you sit back cozily in the comforts of your house instead of raiding the markets in the blazing heat, and pick out your favorite dresses. You can change your mind a million times and examine the exquisite embroidery for 2 hours straight without the sales boy nagging at you. All the pictures we upload on our website are of premium HD quality, so that zooming in will not distort the image in any way. You may zoom in and out as many times as you like to make sure you like the designers handiwork. a brief description of each and every dress will be provided with the picture itself. This description will contain any details lost in the picture, e.g., exact color (is navy blu or black?).

Once you have consciously and confidently made your choice you can now head to the nearest outlet, and purchase your clothing. Surf our website for pictures for summer 2016 dresses or eid collection, you won’t be disappointed!


Latest Pakistani Fancy Dresses For Eid Collection 2016-17

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