Out With The Old and in With The New Elegan Pesta Tutorial Hijab

Tutorial hijab pesta elegan is a style we all need to try out. I recently changed my everyday hijab style. I was quite bored with wearing the same jilbab style day in and day out. If you too are in the same situation and want to try a simple style for every day, the paris kreasi is a good start. Cara memakai the terbaru formal style is what I’ll be illustrating to you today. It’s been tried and tested, trust me, it will stay tetap all day!
Dian Pelangi is my favourite Indonesian hijab stylist. She is so creative in her hijab styling and fashionable clothing trends. I have attached a tutorial on one of her styles especially for you, so do try it out. Let’s get started with the tutorials, I hope you have your scarf and pins ready? Ok, let’s begin.

Simple Elegan Pesta Hijab Tutorial

tutorial hijab pesta elegan Step 1: Grab your square scarf and fold in half.

Step 2: Place it on your head.

Step 3: Pin at the back.

Step 4: Pull both ends to the front.

Step 5: Grab one end and pin it to the other at your shoulder, using a brooch.

Step 6: The complete look.

tutorial hijab pesta elegan

Step 1: Place your detailed scarf on your head.

Step 2: Knot the ends together behind your head.

Step 3: Place your plain scarf on your head.

Step 4: Bring the fabric to one side.

Step 5: Take one end and cover your neck, pinning at the side.

Step 6: Grab the same end, wrap it around your neck.

Step 7: Pin down at the side.

Step 8: The complete look.

Pashmina Formal Hijab Style

tutorial hijab pesta elegan

Step 1: Place the pashmina on your head with a long and short end.

Step 2: Pin the short end at a slant.

Step 3: Grab the other long end and place on your head.

Step 4: Pin down.

Step 5: Gather the fabric together.

Step 6: Secure with a pin.

Step 7: Grab the end.

Step 8: Move it in a circular motion.

Step 9: Continue moving it around and pin down.

Dian Pelangi Hijab Tutorial in a Simple Style

tutorial hijab pesta elegan

Step 1: Place the shawl on your head with a long and short end.

Step 2: Grab the long end.

Step 3: Wrap it around your neck.
I think Dian’s style is very simple for everyday wear and will take you under 1 minute, guaranteed. I particularly like the formal pashmina style and will be trying it out soon. I hope these tutorial hijab pesta elegan got you amped to start styling. Always make sure you are using the same scarf as seen in the image provided. If they use a square scarf, don’t use a pashmina, as you won’t get the desired results, happy styling.

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