New York street hijab fashion

New York is the hub of fashion and yes women do wear hijab and are considered a fashionable and a modern personality when they roam around in the society. New York is a said to be the city of fashion as all the lasts and stylish designs of hijab are present there and hijab although is a Islamic dress but it doesn’t fail to amaze us and its fashion is being highly followed in New York too below are a few of pictures of women who follow the hijab styles in New York.

New York Hijab styles

hijab fashion new york

There is always the misconception that hijab is a very long gown like a dress and that cover the whole body and confines women in a certain stage. Well hijab is also considered as a scarf that just covers the hair or the head of the women. The style is a very chic and modern style which doesn’t necessarily puts the women out of the style of the modern world.

hijab fashion new york

New York is a very big city or state of America and women have to walk a lot. The above styles or designs of hijab are comfort and style combined. You can look your best and be religious or follow your religion yet not stand out in a crowd and not at all feel awkward.


hijab fashion new york

This is a working women world and when in the professional world you need to look classy and professional. The above style is specifically for the working women or the business class women. The style is not just stylish but also religiously appropriate. These are a few latest hijab styles which can be helpful for the New York women.

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