Stylish New Abaya Trends for 2016-17 Designs

As the year 2016 has just come in and 2017 is coming so the new Abaya trends are not so different from before. This time the new trend in Abaya is having a sleek looking which means that now Abaya have less flare than usual. All Woman want nowadays is a collection of abaya and hijab’s that is trendy, stylish and never seen before. Whether it is about daily dressing or for special events and occasion all that women always want is to wear something new and different because all they want is to look exclusive and beautiful. As in the year 2016 and 17 woman are looking forward to some brand new trends that have not been brought forward before be it for wrapping the scarf or carrying an Jilbab. Black has and will always remain a favorite color for many ladies because black never goes out of fashion. It is the best option for evening wear and gives a formal look in years 2016-17 using accessories to make your look stand out is also being done excessively by women. For example if a plain Abaya is being worn it can be stylized by wearing a statement belt along with a scarf that has a bold print and you are ready to go.  The new trends of year 2016-17 are all about bold accessories being paired with your Abaya to make the look worthwhile.

Latest Abaya Trends of 2016-17 Ideas

New trend abaya 2016-17This picture shows a cream and black colored Abaya that has the fusion of both east and west. As the cuts used are mostly western and the way the sleeves are designed in balloon shape.

New trend abaya 2016-17


This image shows a flared plain black Abaya this huge bow made out of silk adds volume to the whole look.

New trend abaya 2016-17

This picture shows a plain black Abaya it has the traditional cuts but the front opening gives it a twist.


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