New Style Punjabi Suits Designs Collection

untitled 2 New Style Punjabi Suits Designs Collection

Latest Punjabi Suits Designs Collection Images

I am so excited to look at the new Punjabi suits design as I have recently bought one myself. There are many new styles and lots of ideas we can find online. I have made the search much easier by saving the best picks for you. I have featured new styles before and I am sure you would love to view the previous article and if you haven’t seen it yet, please click here to view it.

New Punjabi Suits Designs

As the name suggests, the Punjabi suit is from Punjab. It is  a pants and top style and the Punjabi suit style is known for the harem pants design, as it is known in the western world. The Punjabi suit has beautiful edging on the borders of the top. I love the amount of detail found on the Punjabi suit. The pants has many pleats and the more pleats there are, the more beautiful it looks. Let’s have a look at some interesting and new Punjabi designs.

Images of Everyday Punjabi Suits Design

It is important to have everyday Punjabi styles. Special occasions only come once in a while and it would not be advisable to spend  a lot of money on an outfit you won’t wear more than twice. Every day Punjabi suits are easily available and available in different styles. You are almost guaranteed not to wear the same outfit as the next person because of the variety found online and at retail stores.


This is a nice every day style which you can wear without looking too dressed up.

Punjabi Suit Styles in New Designs

Punjabi Suit styles in New Designs

Wow, you can never go wrong with a black and gold outfit. I have a blue and gold Punjabi suit which looks very similar to this one. The embroidery work found on my outfit resembles this one quite closely. For a rich feel, you have got to get a gold Punjabi suit. The key to a striking Punjab is to choose one which has one key element of the outfit which is fully detailed and the rest should be left plain and simple. It is pointless really, to have the entire outfit fully detailed, unless you are a bride. Even then I would advise to have a few spots in your outfit without detail, just to give your design breathing space.


Wow! Another royal and rich combination is maroon and cream. Cream is a great alternative to white. White can be very clean and pure and not many like to wear white as it makes them look tired and washed-out. Cream and maroon is a beautiful rich and royal colour combination. I always see the colours used on expensive saris and anarkali designs and always admire them.


Oh wow! This is definitely a new Punjabi style. They still use the bright colours but there is something about the design which makes it appear unique and of course this is one which you could wear on a  very special occasion.


A Modern Twist on Every Day Punjabi Suits

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