New: Ravishing Abaya styles of 2016 in Dubai

blah blah New: Ravishing Abaya styles of 2016 in Dubai

As we all know 2016 has just started a few months back along with it brings new Abaya designs in Dubai. Yes Dubai as we all know it’s an Arab country and women mostly cover themselves with a jilbab before going outside in Arab countries. Dubai provides us with a huge variety of abaya they can be embellished with Swarovski or have an interesting cut. Arab ladies know how to carry the abaya and scarf very well mostly they set trends for ladies all around the world who wear abaya. The latest fashion of abaya in 2016-17 is embellishments on different parts of the abaya for example on the sleeves or corners of the abaya. Wearing a black embellished abaya is the best choice for a perfect evening out. Now Abaya are introduced that have heavy work on them they can be worn on special events and occasions. The best and most stylish way to carry the abaya is to pair a plain abaya with a classy silk scarf wrapped in a different way. The latest collection of abaya are modern and beautifully designed they have eye catching elements in them. The new abaya collection of 2016 in dubai is so trendy that all ladies out their want their hands on those beautifully done pieces.

 New: Exclusive abaya styles of 2016 in Dubai


As we can see how beautifully this black abaya just has embellishments on its sleeves and front openings that make this a must have piece.


This is another very different style as the abaya is plain black but the gold block print detailing on sleeves and scarf is breathing taking and the red edging of the sleeves makes the abaya standout.

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This picture shows how differently this beautiful gold scarf is wrapped giving an etheral look.