New: Jersey Abaya Now in Stores

As winters approach people start looking for thicker clothes that will keep them warm , So these new Jersey Abaya are a must have for the season as it is warm enough that it does require to wear any other clothing on top. These Abaya are available in all colors ranging from black to every color of your heart’s desire these Abaya are available plain and embellished suitable to be worn on special events and occasions. Looking trendy is what all ladies want in 2016-17 and these jersey jilbab are perfect for an evening out. Along with this jersey Abaya hijab of any desirable material can be wrapped along with it. How to find your perfect Abaya as they are mostly loose fit they don’t require to be tailor stitched of a particular size, they can be bought ready-made. Some designers have also introduced some exclusive Abaya designs such as butterfly Abaya, Slim Fit Abaya. Modern Day requires everyone to be dressed according to the latest fashion trends so these Jersey Abaya are surely a must have for all the ladies.


Modern & New Jersey Abaya Designs


New Jersey Abaya

As we can see this is a plain black Abaya made from jersey, it has a large as we can see that the belt on waist line gives the Abaya fitting from the top and flare on the bottom.


New Jersey Abaya

This is a black jersey abaya , but this one has embroided patterns along the shoulders and a plain black scarf,

New Jersey Abaya

This is a peach abaya made of jersey this is not loosely fitted , it is plain and has black detailing on the neckline and sleeves.

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