New Indian Patiala Shalwar Kameez Suit Collection 2017-2018

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Latest Patiala  Shalwar Kameez Suit Designs

The Patiala suit for 2017 is very widely followed by many women in the east. The Patiala suit is mainly worn by Punjabi women and I simply love Punjabi music and the culture. The Punjabi suits are so stunning and I even wore one last Eid. I just love those pants with the pleats even though most people don’t like it, I do. The Patiala suits look very stylish and most of the detail is found on the top. There is enough space on the top to have intricate detail like beading and embroidery. The mirror look on the top is also very common. Click here to view our previous article.

Patiala Suits For Any Occasion

Patiala suits are available in many styles. There are cotton suits which can be worn everyday and there are suits with detail on the pants for special occasions. The Patiala pants are also available in different styles and materials. The suit I have has a silk pants and embroidered top with sequins.

Casual Patiala Suits For Everyday

New Patiala suit 2017

I love this look. This is a great Patiala suit for everyday. The soft silk pants will keep you cool during summer. The cool blue colours are great for the hot summer days. It is true, the colour you wear affects your mood and the darker colour you wear on a hot day, the hotter you get. Here you see a simple fitted top with a little floral embroidered detail on the side. The abstract pants and dupatta is made from matching material.

New Patiala suit 2017

This is a very common fabric pattern and color and is perfect for everyday. YO can wear it during summer even though it’s black. I absolutely love the cuffs of the pants. This black Patiala suit can be worn on a summers day when it’s not that sunny.

New Patiala suit 2017

This guava and blue combination is pretty for everyday. Screen printed patialla suits are much cheaper than beaded and embroidered suits and for everyday wear you don’t want to spend much money on it. Here she wears it with heels and it still looks stunning.

New Patiala suit 2017

This reminds me of milkshake the shade of pink is pretty.

New Patiala suit 2017

This patialla suit is a bit more fancy and can be worn to a special occasion. The back has a cutout and this is quite common in eastern wear. Girls like the cutouts. I was thinking that it looks so pretty but how can I wear it since your back is open. Once again, I thought of wearing an under top. This will solve all problems.

Wide Patiala Suits For 2017

Girls like wearing new styles and the very wide Patiala pants is very fashionable. It has loads of pleats and looks so stylish.

New Patiala suit 2017 New Patiala suit 2017 New Patiala suit 2017 punjabi-patiala-salwar-kameez-suits-23 New Patiala suit 2017


Don’t you think those look so beautiful. Will you wear such a wide Patiala? Let me know in the comment box below.

Modern Patiala Suits For 2017

I love looking at modern eastern designs and this is a very modern style. It looks like  a western jacket but made from eastern thread. I love it.

New Patiala suit 2017 latest-indian-patiala-shalwar-kameez-fashion-2017-2018

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