Stylish New Dress Design For 2016-2017

Pakistani and Indian designer party dresses 11 Stylish New Dress Design For 2016-2017

There are so many new dress design for 2016-2017. I would normally share western dresses with you when I speak about dress design. I guess, by default, if you speak to someone about dress design they immediately assume that you are speaking about western dresses. For a change I will be discussing Pakistani dress styles with you. There are so many new styles in the market and the amount of variations found in the same design is amazing. The new western seasonal colours are also used when designing Pakistani clothing. Over the past few days I have been doing a few write-ups on Pakistani fashion and styles for engagements and weddings. I guess I didn’t get enough of it yet and decided to use Pakistani dress design for this post too. If you have not viewed my previous article on Pakistani wedding dresses, please do. I have put in a lot of effort in finding the most exquisite designs for you to choose from for your wedding day. Click here to view the post.


New Dress Design For 2016-2017

Each year I see a new dress design or a new trend and I think what are they going to come up with next. I always think, every year passes by and you think they’ve designed the best clothing for the season and you can’t think how it will be improved for the style for the next season. When the new year arrives and the new style of the season is displayed, you are once again in awe and need to purchase it. Likewise,  when the chooridaar hit the shelves, we all ran to buy it in Cape Town. It was a massive trend and everyone wore it to weddings. The next big trend was the anarkali. Then, the Punjabi made a come-back with the wide harem pants being a strong western influence. The newest craze right now is the anarkali with a slit at the side and a fitted pants with loads of detail at the cuff and lower leg. I would love to purchase it next. Yes, I think that will be my next big buy. The reason why I’m saying a ” big buy” is because eastern clothing is quite costly in Cape Town, since it is imported. Also, the most modern styles would cost about $200 which is a lot if you are going to wear it once. However, if you buy a few over  a period of time, you can rotate when you wear them to maximize the lifespan of the outfit and people will forget when you wore it, since you wore it long ago. I always implement this method of dressing. Most times, the clothing needs to be altered by the time you wear it since your body shape has changed, hopefully in a positive way! ha-ha!

Pakistani Dress Design For 2016-2017

Embroidery-Anarkali-Frock-Suit-Neckline-New-Design Pakistani-and-Indian-designer-party-dresses-11 new-pakistani-designer-dresses_12 pakistani-wedding-dresses-2016-in-red-2

new design dress 2016

New Sari Design


This sari is quite different. I think the colour and embroidery looks very royal.

Newest Eastern Clothing Design

new design dress 2016

New Western Dress Design For 2016



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