New Collection of Khaleeji Abaya

Basically Abaya is a cloak that worn by Muslim woman before going out new khaleeji abaya is made in the Arab states and offers woman exclusivity and fashion. Beautiful splashes of color are the specialty of the khaleeji abaya. This form of abaya has embellishments in forms of beads, colorful jewels or appliques. Woman who want to follow the fashion trends prefer to wear the Khaleeji Abaya as this abaya drapes over the body and gives an alluring look. Mostly Arabian woman wear the hijab but that does not completely cover their hair because that is not worn in the traditional style. These trendy Khaleeji Abaya are mostly made of crepe as this material is suitable because it is lightweight and drapes really well. This khaleeji Abaya can be worn to special events and occasions as it is mostly embellished, woman who know how to carry scarf perfectly can easily carry this abaya along with a matching hijab. Khaleeji abaya is a bit different from the traditional jilbab as it is more fashionable. 2016-17 Woman are falling in love with these new khaleeji abaya as they make you look modest and beautiful at the same time.


Fall in love with the New Khaleeji Abaya

new khaleeji Abaya


This black beauty is just so perfectly designed, it is stitched in a baggy style a different kind of neckline is used that was not previously being used in Abaya. Delicate silver detailing can be seen on the neckline.


new khaleeji Abaya

This picture shows plain black Abaya that is stitched modernly as it has some fitting and is unlike the traditional style of Abaya, the black and white scarf and these heels give this look an edge.

new khaleeji Abaya


This black Abaya is beautifully stitched and these gold sequins make this look so nice.

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