New: Collection of Abaya Now in Oman

New Abaya in Oman

Now after the arrival of new Abaya in Dubai, good news for the people of Oman as these Abaya are now available there also. As this is traditionally a Arabic Dress it can be best found where it was originated historically Abaya was just a plain black robe that Muslim ladies used to wear on top while going outside and they used to cover their heads with pieces of cloth but with the modernization everything changed and even Abaya has lost its original form. Now in 2016-17 the collections that came out in Oman have Abaya that are a fusion of east and west. Latest collection of hijab is also very beautiful and stylish all of those are must are must have pieces. Carrying a hijab along with a jilbab and still looking trendy is not easy at all knowing how to dress up for different occasions is such a difficult task. Some ladies wish to have an exclusive look that is not worn or carried by others on special events and occasions. Black color is mostly liked for evening wear but can also be used for daytime. Ladies of Oman you don’t need to worry anymore the latest collection of Abaya is now in your reach.


New Abaya Collection in Oman 2016-17

New Abaya in Oman New Abaya in Oman New Abaya in Oman