New Bridal Hijab Designs For Your Wedding Day

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Bridal hijab designs are very different to any other hijab style. Each occasion needs a specific hijab style. Wearing an every day hijab style for your wedding would just be a no-no and people will think why were you not interested in creating a beautiful design to go with the amazing dress you took all the time to chose. There really is no point in taking all the time to choose an amazing dress for your wedding day if you don’t have a master piece on your head too. For more ideas on hijab bridal designs.

Ideas on Bridal Hijab Designs

Many people are unaware that the hijab comes in many designs for weddings. There are even hijab stylist who dedicate their time to the job. As you would get a hair stylist, in the same way you would get a hijab stylist to style your hijab on your wedding day. There are two options when deciding on styling your hijab for bridal wear. You could either decide on purchasing a ready-made hijab or hiring a stylist to style it for you on the day. Depending on your personal preference, you could decide on hiring a hijab as this is the cheaper option. The disadvantage would be that their aren’t many styles to choose from and your style on your wedding day will not be unique. Getting  a stylist on the day will guarantee that you have a hijab bridal style which would be unique and perfect to fit. You can customize your style according to your needs and add the colours to your hijab as found in your outfit. This might not be possible when hiring or buying a ready-made hijab.

Types of Accessories For Bridal Hijab Designs

Here you can never be too creative. I have found the Indonesian brides to be the most creative when it comes to hijab styling. They seriously put in a lot of effort. I have taken the liberty of adding a few images below for your viewing pleasure, just to get a glimpse of their smart hijab bridal style. The style is not for everyone, but looks beautiful nonetheless.

Bridal Hijab Design Options

The options to add interest to your hijab style would be to use fresh flowers on your hijab, just as you would add them in your hair, you could pin them to your hijab. You can even create a fresh wreath and place it on your head above your hijab. Then there are the head chains and headbands. You can even keep it simple and just use a silk scarf and add your veil. Tiaras are quite common with hijabs too for bridal wear. If you are an extreme plain Jane, you can do a simple wrap with folds and gathers or ruffles and for this style, you don’t require any jewellery at all! The most stunning creations for this style is created with silk scarves.

Bridal Hijab Designs Images

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Bridal Hijab Designs From Indonesia

Inspiring-wedding-hijab-style Hijab Pengantin Muslim Terbaru Kebaya


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