New: Arabic Styles of Abaya

Everything has its origins, so does abaya originate from Arab and those ladies surely know Arabic styles of a perfect abaya to create a traditional look.  Ladies always want to look their best but woman who work out always want to achieve the best look possible and they always carry a dress that makes them look beautiful and confident at the same time. So looking stylish while carrying a traditional piece is a difficult task but some ladies do that very nicely. A traditional abaya can be made modern by wrapping the scarf innovatively and adding accessories such as belts or heavy jewelry. Knowing how to carry that jilbab is an art because that one robe defines all your style. So the collections of 2016-17 have solved this problem as each abaya is designed so intricately that you would wish to buy all of them. When in doubt wear black because black never goes out of fashion and is suitable for all events and occasions. No matter what look you are carrying it is very important to insure that your attire is comfortable, because wearing something uncomfortable takes away all the confidence so ladies keep on exploring new and innovative Arabic styles of Abaya.


New Arabic Abaya Style 2016-17

New Arabic Abaya Style

This picture shows an white abaya stitched differently in a poncho style with silver embellishments on the top along with a plain white scarf.

New Arabic Abaya Style

This image shows an plain black abaya with some silver detailing on the scarf and the scarf is draped in a manner that the detailing can be seen along the shoulder also.

New Arabic Abaya Style

This black and baby pink tie and dyed abaya looks so beautiful and is stitched to make you standout of the crowd and the embellishments are just done on the sleeves.

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