New and Exciting Churidar Designs For 2017

grey wedding wear long anarkali salwar kamiz in georgette e16416 bf7 New and Exciting Churidar Designs For 2017

New Stylish Churidar Designs Collection 2017

Churidar designs which are new for 2017 is our style focus for today. Many of us where the churidar for different reasons. If you live in an eastern country, you would wear it as part of your daily dress. If you live in a western country, you would wear it for special occasions. The churidar has been worn for centuries and is recognised around the world. Surprised? Well, I was too when I read up on the history of the churidar and its roots. It was quite interesting and I learnt something which I have never heard of before. We have previous articles on different churidar styles on our website which you can view by clinking here.

History of the Churidar Design

Churidars or चुडीदार as they are known in Hindiچُوڑی دار‎ – Urdu, চুড়িদার – Bengali and  ਚੂੜੀਦਾਰ in Punjabi, or more properly churidar pyjamas (ਚੂੜੀਦਾਰ ਪਜਾਮਾ). They are tightly fitting trousers worn by both men and women in the Indian Subcontinent. Churidars are a variation of the common salwar pants. For those who don’t know, Salwars are cut wide at the top and narrow at the ankle. Churidars narrow more quickly and this is why the shape of your legs are revealed. I don’t particularly like wearing a tight-fitting Churidar for this reason. I would normally take a size bigger to get a looser fit. They are usually cut on the bias, making them naturally stretchy. Stretch is important when pants are closefitting. Imagine wearing a tight-fitting pants and trying to bend down. They are also longer than the leg and sometimes finish with a tightly fitting buttoned cuff at the ankle. I have always wondered the legs are so long. It would be impossible for anyone to have such long legs. I then read that the excess length falls into folds and appears like a set of bangles resting on the ankle (hence ‘churidar’; ‘churi’: bangle, ‘dar’: like). This made so much more sense. I never knew it was to resemble bangles, I just thought it was the style of it. Now that I think of it, it makes sense and wearing bangles is very important in the Indian culture. Even Indians living in Western countries don’t leave home without gold bangles on their hands. When the wearer is sitting, the extra material is the “ease” that makes it possible to bend the legs and sit comfortably. The word churidar is from Urdu and made its way into English only in the 20th century. Earlier, tight fitting churidar-like pants worn in India were referred to by the British as Moghul breeches, long-drawers, or mosquito drawers. I often saw  the wore Moghul and never knew it was and English expression for eastern culture.

The churidar is usually worn with a kameez (tunic) by women or a kurta (a loose overshirt) by men, or they can form part of a bodice and skirt ensemble.

Casual Churidar Designs For 2017

It’s not every day that we feel like dressing up and ladies who aren’t from the eastern culture won’t know that there is a different style churidar for each occasion. We will first look at the casual styles which you can wear every day. During Summer, the churidar is the perfect outfit since it is made from cotton material and this material doesn’t add extra heat to your body, as it is quite thin and breathable. Let’s look at some designs below.

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New Churidar designs for Special Occasions

There are special churidar designs for weddings and Eids for you to choose from. You will notice that these designs have a little extra attention to detail and there is more embroidery and beadwork. These designs cannot be worn everyday, as you can see they are too beautiful and will definitely get spoilt while doing your daily chores. To complete the look when attending weddings and special occasions, it would be good to wear some matching jewellery. Ladies and girls love to accessorise with necklaces, rings, bangles and earrings. Some girls don’t like to wear a lot of jewellery while some ladies love over-accessorising.  Whatever your styles is, I’m sure you will look beautiful on the day. Also, I must mention that the shoes you wear are very important. A shoe can make or break an outfit.

new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017

New Bridal Churidar Designs For Brides

Many brides wear eastern clothing on their wedding day. Brides mostly wear lehengas on their wedding day. Anarkalis are also a good choice as they are very beautifully decorated with embellishments. If you want to be different, why not wear a bridal churidar. People might not think a churidar can be worn on a wedding day but after seeing these designs, you will see why I am suggesting it. I also found a simple grey churidar which you can wear. The young girls prefer to wear simpler styled churidar designs and not the fully detailed ones. Even though modern fashion has taken over the eastern fashion industry and street fashion in the eastern countries, they still go back to wearing their traditional clothing.

new churidar designs 2017

Red and gold is the traditional colour worn by Indian and Pakistani brides and this applique churidar is simply gorgeous. The detail on the churidar will definitely grab attention.

new churidar designs 2017

This hot pink and cream churidar is simply beautiful. This is the new and modern style of churidar which you would find in eastern boutiques. Modern, young girls like to wear churidars which are not very detailed. Wearing a churidar with spaces between the heavy embroidery makes the detail pop and you can actually follow the design as you look at the outfit.

new churidar designs 2017

Ombre is a very big trend at the moment. Ombre fabrics are very trendy but what do you say about this ombre embroidery?  This outfit is a typical Indian outfit. The reason why I’m saying this is the amount of colours found in this outfit. It’s only Indian outfits that will have so many colours which do not match and the outfit will still come together beautifully. This churidar is definitely for the colourful bride who doesn’t know what colour to choose for her wedding day or who doesn’t want to wear red.

new churidar designs 2017 new churidar designs 2017

Wow, these are the most modern churidar designs for 2017 which can be worn for bridal wear. I think the grey and gold combination is very beautiful. The grey colour is seldom used and I hardly see eastern outfits in a grey colour. Grey is a very dull colour and it needs bold colour to lift it. Gold is perfect and the contrast between the dull grey and expensive gold works together so beautifully. As you can see, it is also very important to have the correct matching accessories like the proper pair of sandals. A chunky heel will not do this outfit any justice. Also, depending on which colour dominates the outfit, you would choose your shoe colour based on that. For example, if your outfit is mostly silver, wear a silver shoe, but if it features gold detailed embroidery, you could wear a gold shoe to break the repetitiveness.

Sleeve designs For Your Churidar

Sleeve designs can get quite boring and repetitive. If you bought a semi-stitched or unstitched churidar and looking for nice sleeve designs, you can look below. There are actually loads of sleeve designs for churidars and different styles too. These are designs for short sleeves and I know these are not modest for Muslims but it would still look great with a long sleeve design beneath as well. You can also find neck styles, back styles and pants styles which all are neglected when we design a churidar.

new churidar designs 2017

Churidar Lookbook With The Latest Designs


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