New: Abaya Shoes Are Here

Good news for all ladies out there new abaya shoes are here, each dress is incomplete until it is paired with perfect shoes. Shoes not only need to look fashionable and modern but most importantly they should be comfortable because they have to be worn all day long. Abaya is paired with a hijab to complete the look mostly shoes are overlooked but ladies keep in mind no look is complete without a perfect pair of shoes. New collection of 2016 -17 has some very trendy yet comfortable shoes that are difficult to ignore. Like clothes shoes are also designed in different categories some are for casual use and others are designed for special events and occasions. Black is a commonly used color in shoes it looks stylish trendy. Jilbab requires a specific type of shoes as the jilbab is long and flowy it requires easy to wear shoes. Shoes to be worn in summer are preferred to be open and elegant because this is a kind of attire in which feet are prominent and should look fashionable. To maintain a stylish yet chic look scarf should be wrapped differently and best look can be achieved by pairing it with new styles of abaya shoes.


New Abaya Shoes 2016-17

new abaya shoesAs seen in this image this abaya and scarf is paired with flat pump shoes that comfortable to carry.


new abaya shoes

This image shows that abaya can be carried formally as it is paired with a pair of heels that make the look equisite.

new abaya shoes

This image shows how neon pair of heels are complimenting this abaya.

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