New Abaya Collection 2016-2017 launched in Dubai

The new exclusive Abaya Collection of 2016-2017 launched in Dubai is modern and is according to the Islamic concept of wearing Abaya. The new and latest designs make sure that the purpose of Abaya is achieved and thus the designers ensure that after wearing a long Abaya Muslim women are fully covered and only hands are visible. Funky buttons are attached to the Abaya and more focus is given to the sleeves, as women who wear Abaya prefer full sleeves. Abaya is mostly in black color however women can change the color of their hijab. They can use any bright color or light color with Abaya, which depends on personal preferences. Even the styles of Hijab are very stylish, which can make a woman look fashionable yet elegant at the same time. In Dubai, the society has a mix culture, as many women tend to wear Hijab on casual clothes like jeans whereas few women in that society prefer Abaya and hijab together. The new Abaya collection of 2016-2017 launched in Dubai specifically targets the women who prefer to wear Abaya rather than wearing hijab or a headscarf on normal clothes.

Dubai: New Abaya Collection 2016-2017

Dubai Abaya New Collection

This image shows an Abaya, which has a very long motif at the back. It makes it look trendy and stylish.


Dubai Abaya New Collection

This image shows how women can color coordinate with black Abaya, which can make even a normal looking Abaya interesting and stylish.

Dubai Abaya New Collection

A very trendy yet stylish way of wearing Abaya. This style of Abaya can be used by Muslim women on their weddings.

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