How to accessorise your outfits with rings

20160515 125159 How to accessorise your outfits with rings


Heya beauties! Today, I bring to you a topic very close to my heart, accessorising your outfits with rings! I’ve always had a love for rings. Since I was a little girl I would never go out without a ring on my finger, NEVER!!! My ring addiction was so bad,  I would buy them wherever I went. It was also the only present I would receive with much appreciation. I normally burst into loud shouts of “Ohmywoooord” and eyes which sparkled as much as my latest bling, LOL.

My ring collection


This is my collection of 31 rings (for now). I don’t spend much on them and they have been collected over the years. Believe it or not, each ring has a story behind it, ha-ha! Some were bought locally, at international brand, Lovisa. They have the most amazing jewellery and head pieces! But, like all girls do it, we only buy it on sale!!! Unless, of course, there’s a killer piece you just cannot live without. My collection ranges from traditional Indian hand pieces (sorry, I don’t remember the names 🙁 ), an Islamic ring (Aqeeq ring, which my granny gave from Iran) and medi-rings.


These are the dark collections. I love the black with large faux diamond in the middle. The blue medi rings are my favourites too.

My hand pieces



This was a hand chain bought in Dubai. It was a present received from an aunt. I absolutely love it!!!



Another hand chain which I bought locally.


The latest craze, the medi-ring



I hope you enjoyed my collection and please comment on where you buy your favourite accessories in the box below. Until next time… don’t forget to put a ring on it! ha-ha! Just had to…