My fashionable and stylish hijab design for the Muslim women 2016-17

my fashion hijab style

Hijab styles and hijab fashion are trending in 2016 and it will be trend in 2017 as well in my opinion and changing all throughout the world. Hijab is a dress that is an identifying factor or aspect for the Muslim or Islamic women all throughout the world. Hijab is a dress that represents a whole religion. It is only Islam as a religion that has a proper clothing styles which differ from the rest of the world. Hijab is a dress that cover the women and is a simple yet a modest dress for the women. Hijab styles and designs are available throughout the world due to the technological advancements and globalization. Different designs and styles are available for people all across the globe. Women of all ethnicity like to dress up and look stylish and wear fashionable clothing. These new stylish hijab and fashionable hijab outfits allows or gives the Muslim women the opportunity to dress up according to the new and modern era and the style and look or belong to the modern world.

My Fashionable Hijab and Styles ideas

my fashion hijab style 2016-17

This particular hijab is made of chiffon and printed cloth piece. The design of plain and print contrasting each other is very much trending in the market today. So this is a modern take of the trending styles for the Muslim hijab wearing women.

my fashion hijab style 2016-17

This is a simple head scarf style with a cap. Many women don’t wear a long gown like dress or a hijab rather just cover their heads with a head scarf. This design is very easy to follow and can be worn in any color preferred by the individual.

my fashion hijab style 2016-17

This particular style is for those women who have a lot of formal gatherings and meeting or dinners to attend to. This formal gown like or long maxi hijab make the women look elegant and beautiful and surely will turn the head around wherever you walk in. these are a few of the modern hijab styles for the Muslim women.