Stunning Muslim women in Their Traditional Dress

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Women around the world have a traditional dress which they wear and today we will look at Muslim women and how they wear their hijab with their traditional dress. Keeping with the traditional topic, our previous article on traditional Islamic abayas can be viewed here

My traditional wear is eastern wear, like churidaar, Punjabi, sari etc. Buying the outfit is the easy part. It’s finding the hijab and style to wear it in that takes more time and effort. We will look at how women wear their hijab with their traditional wear and see how they make everything come together perfectly, even though sometimes the scarf will not be provided, we will show you how to find something suitable and style it in order to create a breath-taking outfit.

Muslim Women in Their Traditional Arab Dress

muslim women traditional dress

Arabian women traditionally wear the abaya. Their hijab style is either the hijab or niqab. The jibab is worn too. They predominantly wear black abayas with black niqabs or hijabs. They wear fancy abayas too. I mostly see images of dark coloured abayas which are worn daily by Muslim women. As you can see in the image above, the ladies in niqab apply lots of make-up to their eyes to complete the beautiful look.

I have found some images of Arabian ladies in clothing. They generally wear loose fitting clothes and hijabs. Let’s have a look at what I found.

muslim women traditional dress

This is a modern take on the abaya which is styled as an A-line dress.

muslim women traditional dress

Another loose dress with full length skirt.

muslim women traditional dress

I like this plain styled dress, it would be perfect for a relaxed Sunday.

Moroccan Muslim women in traditional dress

I doubt we featured Moroccan hijab styles with dresses before. We will look at their beautiful and different styles here. The Moroccan women wear warm colours, like reds, oranges and deep browns. These colours look lovely against their fair complexion.

muslim women traditional dress

A traditional headdress worn by a Moroccan lady. Here you can see the colours I was speaking about. They too wear headpieces as the Arabian ladies.

muslim women traditional dress

This is the traditional bridal dress for Moroccan women. Look at the amount attention to detail which was added to the outfit. The headpiece even features gold ornaments which adorns it.  There are many layers of fabric which make up this beautiful outfit. It has beading, embroidery and sequence work which shows incredible craftsmanship. Look at the humungous beaded necklace she is wearing. I can only imagine the weight of it around her neck!

muslim women traditional dress

A formal dress in Moroccan style. I like the simple headpiece and notice the pretty embroidered motive on the tulle drop of the dress, simply stunning.

muslim women traditional dress

Another stunning dress in Moroccan style. It is just a colour variation of the previous one but the purpose of sharing it was for those who love wearing black. I can understand why ladies like to buy a black formal dress. I think a black dress is a necessity as you can wear it with any colour scarf and accessories and it will instantly look different.

Those were lovely traditional dress worn by Muslim women.

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