Amazing Muslim Head Covering Styles

Aquila Style Amazing Muslim Head Covering Styles

Muslim head coverings and their styles is our main focus for today. There are many different types of head coverings. You get hats and caps and scarves but the head covering which we are interested in styling is the hijab. These additional head coverings can still be worn fashionably with the hijab. You can easily incorporate any head accessory or covering with your hijab.

How to Wear Different Muslim Head Coverings

Hijab shouldn’t restrict you or prevent you from wearing any additional piece of head item. You can still wear your hoody or peak cap or sun hat above your hijab. There are different styles which suit each head covering and we will help you with this. We understand when you wrap your scarf a certain way, it doesn’t suit a hat or peak cap but there are ways and means to combat any obstacle and we are here to lend a helping hand. For additional information on head coverings and style, do click here to view a previous article.

Head Covering Styles For Modern Muslims


This head covering serves a dual purpose. It keeps you nice and warm and can be used as a hijab too. I’ve seen many girls wearing the beanie in winter and don’t wear hijab as their hair is covered. The logic behind it is correct, however I’m not sure whether I would follow that trend. Here too, I would wear this style but I would still wear an underscarf or even wear a front wrap, since the woolen fabric might make you hot when you are indoors and without a head covering underneath, there’s no ways you would be able to take it off!

Head Covering Styles With Matching Outfits

muslim head covering styles

I love to match my head covering with my outfit. Doing a double wrap is great to achieve the look. Here we have my favourite blogger, YazTheSpaz in black and red which is the killer combination.

muslim head covering styles

muslim head covering stylesFor a smart and elegant dress, you want to keep the head covering in a style which is simplistic and minimalistic to match the outfit. A side-swept Turkish hijab style is simply gorgeous with this dress and the matching accessories are a winner.

Turban Head Covering Styles

Turban head covering styles are very experimental and no style will ever be the same as you will never get the knot at exactly the same location each time you wrap the scarf. Using different scarf materials for your turban style will also influence the style and more fabric gives your more room to explore your creative side.

muslim head covering styles muslim head covering styles muslim head covering styles

Stunning Bridal Head Covering Styles

Bridal head coverings are a specialised field and it takes a while to decide on the perfect style for a bride as there are many things to take into consideration like her face shape and personality. If the bride has a bold and outgoing personality you should style her hijab in a bold way with lots of fine detail and adding many layers of intricacy. If she is a shy and introverted and simple person, a simple classical hijab with a diamante headband will do the trick.

muslim head covering styles bridal-net-hijab-style-ideas-2016-12

A Unique Head Covering Style

muslim head covering styles


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