Muslim Dresses For Prom

Muslim prom dresses

Muslim girls would love to attend their prom wearing Muslim dresses. They are always looking for modest dress in Islamic wear. The most suitable dress for prom which is formal and elaborate is the caftan. If you like to wear traditional clothing with a modern twist, the caftan is the way to go. It has middle eastern influence and therefore has intricate embroidery and beading details. It will surely turn heads on your big night. The great thing about the caftan is the style is a maxi dress. Most UK bloggers are wearing the caftan and it’s a key item of clothing to have these days. I will bring to you some options which you can wear to your prom, from fancy to simple.

Formal Caftan For Prom

Muslim prom dresses

Wow, she looks like a princess in this purple coloured designer Arabic caftan dress. It has an inner layer made of crepe, top layer of chiffon with beautiful stones, sequins and peral work. It comes with a small bag of extra beads and stones. Sleeve options are small, ¾ and full sleeves. Matching scarf available on request.
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Middle Eastern Muslim Dresses For Prom

Looking for some stunning Muslim dresses for your prom? I have you covered. This time I have a simple styled caftan for you in a modest style. You can wear it to any formal occasion after your prom too, which is great. Girls love dresses and the caftan just adds another styled dress to your collection. The caftan looks stunning with heels and accessories. Let’s see what I picked for today.

Maxi Caftan For Prom

Muslim prom dresses

This caftan has simple elegance. It has embellishments of imitation stone, diamonds, beads, pearls etc. The price is reasonably cheap and the colour looks very royal in beige and gold. It has a matching inner slip and made from polyester with a chiffon dress fabric. The sleeves are ¾ kimono style. The inner slip is sleeveless and also has a skinny belt to create shape. Many girls like to wear simple dresses on their prom night. This kaftan is perfect with just the right amount of detail, not too much and not too little. Buy this classic caftan online by clicking on the link below:

Islamic Muslim Dresses For prom
Girls start looking for their Muslim dresses for prom early in the year so that they are prepared before the time. This is the time to look for all the different dress styles so that you can choose the best one. I will be bringing you the best picks to choose from. I know that Islamic clothing for special occasions are hard to find, but these middle eastern formal clothing make it so much easier. I know there are girls who prefer neutral clothing and those who prefer bolder colours. Let’s look at a bright and beautiful caftan for prom.
Red Muslim Dresses For Prom

Muslim prom dresses

This red and silver caftan is simple and elegant. It is made from chiffon with an inner slip made from polyester. It is a maxi dress style with embellishments of imitation stone, diamonds, beads and pearls. It is a free size, which is great. Sleeves are ¾ in kimono style. Buy this caftan online by clicking the link below:

Prom Muslim Dresses For Girls
An unusual coloured Muslim dress for your prom will definitely make you the centre of attention. I found a unique styled caftan which you might not have seen yet. If you prefer to wear western clothing, do have a look at my review on Islamic clothing styles from the USA by clicking on the link provided below:
There are so many caftan styles for girls to choose from. They might all have a middle eastern style, but they are worn all around the world, even in UK and it’s a hit in the western world. Let’s have a look at this unique find I saw online.
Different Middle Eastern Caftan

Muslim prom dresses

This caftan is in an orange colour with silver beading, pearls and embroidery work. It is a maxi styled dress with long sleeves. It’s made with chiffon and has an inner lining. A small bag of extra beads and stones is included in the order. It is one size, from small to 3X large. A matching scarf is available on request. Love this caftan and want to buy these Muslim dresses online, click on the link below: