Modest Cotton Hijab and Scarves

cotton hijab scarves

Cotton hijab and scarves are mostly worn in summers because cotton is a thin fabric, which is suitable for hot weathers. However, cotton hijab or scarves cannot be worn on evening gowns or long maxi dresses since it gives a very casual look. Many modern designers are using cotton hijabs in their latest fashion collection of 2016-2017 since cotton is simple and easy to handle. Women who wish to look elegant and trendy prefer silk hijabs or scarves rather than cotton since silk makes them look fashionable rather than unfashionable. Many new pretty styles and hijab or headscarf styles are introduced in cool colors for seasons like summers. With variations in fashion designing new intricate hijab especially women who are new to the concept of hijab introduce styles like zigzag hijab, which is very difficult to achieve, and therefore they need tutorials in order to accomplish a new look. Tutorials help Muslim women learn how to wear or wrap various styles or kinds of hijab that lies within the Islamic and traditional lines and can make a woman look modest and decent at all times. Bright cotton hijabs look trendy and stylish in summers, moreover since cotton the fabric itself is very cheap rather than expensive, so Muslim women prefer cotton for their day-to-day routine. Cotton hijab and scarves can be worn on any kind of casual clothing like jeans etc., it is mostly worn by school going girls since cotton is very easy to handle.

Cotton Hijab and Scarves 2016-17

cotton hijab scarves cotton hijab scarves cotton hijab scarves