Modest and Modern UK Hijab Style

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These days modest hijab style in UK is easily available. It might not be so easy to buy something which is Islamic and ready-to-wear in store, but the online stores are sure to get you sorted. There are many western hijabi’s who are opening stores online and incorporating modern western fashion and making it modest enough to wear in an Islamic way but still keeping the key trend for the season in their clothing design. For modern abayas in the UK style, click here. I have recently came across a UK based online store which sells lovely Islamic clothing online.

UK Hijab Fashion and Style

uk hijab style

These lovely beauties are the owners of the hugely successful and popular online store Hijab House. They have amazing sense for style and fashion and have everything you need at one online store. You will find your western outfits as well as your abayas. These ladies have found a gap in the market and made something successful for themselves.

I love looking at fashion photography shoots and how they get the right angle to showcase their clothing in the best way possible. I have also noticed that they try out new ideas when taking photos of hijabs. Since the hijab is placed on your head, you need to show off the outfit and hijab in a creative way. So how do you capture two show-stoppers in one shot? Let’s see how Hijab House pulls it off.

uk hijab style

A lovely summery look. I never wore yellow before but this is a look I would try  out. The waist belt knotted at the side matches well with the scarf,

uk hijab style

This look screams UK style. Many western girls don’t like wearing dresses and like the edgy look. This look shows how edgy meets girly and it looks so cute. Wearing a pants with a high-low top is a great way to keep you modestly covered and fashionably on trend at the same time. The heels are a great way to take this look from day to night.

uk hijab style

I can think of so many girls who would wear this style. Hijab House truly designs wearable clothing which can be bought and worn as is. You don’t need to think of an occasion to wear it because it’s too fancy or overdressed for a simple occasion. As you can see, this outfit can be worn for any special occasion. The neck collar and lace dress is a key trend.

UK Hijab House Fashion Photography

uk hijab style

The wide skirt with extra volume is the key trend for winter. I love this photo. Textured skirts are very much on trend at the moment and for winter they are often made with velvet, which gives you that extra sheen and  you are following the trend too.

Hijab Casual Outfit Ideas

uk hijab style

Leather is a major trend at the moment and it just so happens that extra long length jackets are in fashion this year. This is a great casual look. Not many would wear that hijab style though, but if it suits you, wear it.

uk hijab style

This is an ultra stylish work look or a look you could wear to a day out with friends.

I hope you liked my compilation of hijab style in UK. Happy styling.

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