Modern Take on Hijab Fashion For The Girls of 2016-17

Modernization hasn’t just affected our lifestyles but it’s also affected and out clothing and this is very much visible in the modern hijab fashion for girls. Hijab is a very modest dress and it is a symbol of the religion Islam and purity. But people used to think of this outfit as a very old fashioned and a boring outfit which didn’t let women show case their beauty to the world. But with the changing time this view of a veiled women who has been placed in captivity has been changed by these modern hijab styles and designs that have been taking over the fashion world.

Girls Style: Modern Hijab Takeover of The Fashion World

modern hijab fashion for girls

Animal prints are very in style and trending in the fashion world so why should the hijab fashion or the hijab world stay behind. This elegant and stylish zebra printed headscarf is very trending and this is available in many other prints such as cheetah or snake print. And can be worn with any plain colored or light and neutral combination outfit.


modern hijab fashion for girls

This is the time of abstract and this abstract printed silk headscarf or hijab is very latest and a different and a unique Abaya design for girls of 2016-17. This can be worn with any plain colored clothing as it complements the scarf or hijab. And can be accessorized with different things or jewelry items.

modern hijab fashion for girls

This is a full gown like hijab or Abaya design for girls of 2016-17. This is a very formal dress for all the parties and gatherings they have to attend. The contrasting of two bright colors is very stylish and trending. This design can be worn in any color. These are the latest and modern hijab styles for the girls of 2016-17.

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