Modern Hijabs for Modern Weddings

Weddings are a very important part of girl’s life, and she makes it special with the ideal wedding dress. Muslim girls have a distinct Hijab wedding gowns that look absolutely stunning! Brides wear these dresses in every way and style, depending on what they prefer. In the subcontinent these brides mostly wear red, where as those in Arabia and the UAE wear white gowns. However, both look flawlessly stunning! Designers have a vast range of these fashionable dresses, and women are extremely up-to-date with what the contemporary fashion is! the 2016-17 bridal collection is highly vast and chic! The brides have a huge variety to choose from for their special day! Below are some pictures of these white dresses, so as to give you an idea of what the latest designs is.

Ideas for the Modern Hijabs for Weddings

wedding hijab modern

This is a stunning dress for a contemporary Muslim bride. The Hijab is tied in an elegant Turban style, and the embroidery and the cut of the dress is marvelous!

wedding hijab modern

This is a more traditional design with a flowy dress, we love the minimal embroidery on the dress, and of course the coronet the girl is wearing over her Hijab! So fairy like!

wedding hijab modern

This is not a white dress, but a beige cream colored one! This will allow you to play with colors as well. Imagine it with a bold lip color such as fucia pink or blood red! So stunning!

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