Modern Hijab Fashion Dresses Pictures 2017

hejab modèle 2016 2017 Modern Hijab Fashion Dresses Pictures 2017

Latest Hijab Fashion 2017 Dresses Ideas

Wow, it’s been a while since I wrote on modern hijab fashion, but with 2017 being around the corner we all need a change in the way we look. I have found some amazing casual and modern hijab styles which I am currently wearing and thought I would share it with you. What makes these styles so amazing is that they can be worn everyday and with your casual clothes. They aren’t too fancy and won’t bring much attention. I love wearing these styles and hope you do too. Looking at changing your hijab style for the new year? Look at our previous article here.

Runway Hijab Styles For 2017

Runway looks are sometimes just for runways. I know most girls think they will never where the style but they still have a look at them and have an interest in knowing what’s current for 2017. Here is a runway look. let me know what you think of this hijab style in the comment box below.


Here we see the Turkish hijab style still being prominent in hijab style fashion for 2017. The simple and classic look will never go outdated and is perfect for office wear.

Casual Chic Hijab Style For 2017

These days I like being casually dressed on the weekend. Wearing sneakers or pumps with a pair of jeans and sweater is the way to go for me. I normally just want to get dressed in 10 minutes and go out. I want to spend minimal time wasting on deciding what to wear, as you are wasting your weekend when you could’ve been outside having fun. But that doesn’t mean we should be sloppy. Here are some ideas to show you what I mean.

latest hijab fashion

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Hijab Fashion 2017

I absolutely love long capes. I have bought myself one and I am tempted to wear it everyday. I love the style and how it blows in the wind as you walk. I also love the oversized sweaters with extra length. All these are in favour of Muslim dress code and they are highly fashionable at the moment. Do you own a cape? The one item I also love which I don’t have is the capes or waterfalls with the tassels. Tassels are high fashion too. The harem pants above is so stunning. I love ankle grazers and they would look amazing with anklets.

Hijab Fashion For Office Wear 2017

For the office, you wouldn’t want to look over-dressed and wearing a front wrap can become boring. I sometimes wear a turban since it is Summer in Cape Town and gets quite hot. Be careful when wearing a turban and over accessorising your look. Wear simple stud earrings or small loops. Do not wear chandeliers to work, that would be overdressed and inappropriate.

Hijab fashion for office wear 2017 Hijab fashion for office wear 2017

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