Modern Fashion Abaya and Jilbab Ideas

fashion abaya and jilbab

Abaya and Jilbab are very much the same in fashion. Jilbab is a very long loose fit coat worn by many Muslim women. Modern Jilbab covers the entire body except for hands, face and head. The head and neck are covered by a scarf or hijab. The arab style of wearing Islamic dress code is more like kaftan and then women wear a headscarf or hijab on top of it. Moreover, jalabiya, jilbab and kaftan are very much the same. They are long coat type dresses, which cover almost the entire body of women. Women who live in the Middle East prefer clothes that are stylish, exclusive yet it makes them look modest and decent at the same time. Islamic clothing for young girls and women is derived from the religion Islam itself, as Islam is a complete code of conduct for mankind. Apart from this, women’s style and designs vary each year. Designs change with fashion trends, for instance what is termed, as fashionable for the year 2016-2017 might not be considered fashionable in the year 2017-2018. Many women who live in Dubai are fashionable and are obsessed with designers but they still follow their Islamic practices. Many young girls shop online so that they can grab their design as soon as possible and this enables them to avoid the hassle of going to a particular shop and then decide what kind of design they want. Online shops enable them to buy fashion Abaya and jilbab with one click; they just need access in the Internet.

Latest Fashion Abaya and Jilbab Styles

fashion abaya and jilbab fashion abaya and jilbab fashion abaya and jilbab