Modern Abaya New Arrivals 2016-17

Time changes and so do things change so the New year 2016-17 brings in new arrivals of Abaya. As seasons change ladies start looking for new clothes and they want clothes to be modern and trendy. But Ladies who carry Abaya are nonetheless they are always searching for new styles and cuts of Abaya. Firstly Abaya collections used to be rare but now as they are more in demand more collections come in. Now even in Pakistan we can see Designers who exclusively design Abaya according to your tastes and requirements. Style is something that cannot be compromised on be it for a new jilbab or a new matching scarf to worn with it. Wrapping scarf is not a new trend some ladies carry scarfs with shalwar kameez or even jeans but Abaya is one piece of clothing that is incomplete without scarf. In 2016-17 designers have made Abaya that are a fusion of east and west. Each occasion and event has its own dressing demands that need to be fulfilled. The latest collection of Abaya is mostly of colors not previously worn in Abaya only a few black Abaya are made but all of these pieces are stylish and best for your desired event these new collections of 2016-17 have all what your heart desires.


Brand New: Abaya Arrivals in 2016-17

Abaya new arrival 2016-17

As shown above in the image we have two Abaya the one on the left is plain black but the gold fabric that is draping downwards is the specialty of the abaya we can see how a cross is being made of the black and gold material the one on the right has the same design only the used on black is emerald green.

Abaya new arrival 2016-17


This is an new and unique style of Abaya it is not seen yet to worn by woman commonly the belt on the waist and other embellishments add the twist to it.

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