Modern Abaya Collection of Malaysia

Abaya Collection in Malaysia has a huge variety as many sites and shops are available online which allows Muslim women to but Malaysian products online.  A very famous Abaya shop in Malaysia is Moon Abaya’s, which offers a wide range of products and all of them are based upon the Islamic cultural and traditional lines. The product variety ranges from classic wear Abaya to luxurious Abaya’s, which are mostly used for formal purposes. It also includes nursing Abaya’s, kids Abaya’s, hijabs, scarves etc. that means that any women can make use of this online shop. Apart from this the Abaya they offer are long in length yet they are trendy and they also have full sleeves Moon Abaya’s in Malaysia make sure that they fulfill the basic aim of wearing Abaya i.e. to make sure all parts of the body are covered properly. Moreover, the latest Abaya collection in Malaysia of 2016-2017 is very modern and exclusive. It introduced trends that are different from the ones introduced in the collection of 2015-2016. It not only offers wide categories of Abaya’s but also makes sure that different colors are also introduced. Malaysian Abaya Collection has all colors one could possible think of.

Latest Abaya Collection in Malaysia

Abaya Collection in Malaysia

This image shows a front open embellished Abaya. It can be worn on any event, which requires semi formal clothing.
Abaya Collection in Malaysia

Abaya Collection in MalaysiaThis image shows a jersey material Abaya, which has intricate black embroidery on it thus making it suitable for any semi-formal event.

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