Maxi Hijab Tutorial 2020 – The Perfect Complement To Any Maxi Dress

maxi hijab style

What Makes The Maxi Scarf Different From The Others

The scarf used for this style is a maxi scarf, since it is wider and longer than the normal scarf, therefore the name. With the approaching summer season the maxi scarf is perfect. They are extremely soft and light. This style gives you loads of coverage and lots of volume, giving you a very chic and sophisticated look. The maxi dress has made its way back into fashion and the perfect hijab tutorial to finish the look is the maxi hijab tutorial discussed below. The maxi hijab is an easy to wear style.

maxi hijab style
maxi hijab tutorial


How To Wear a Maxi Hijab Style

Many Muslim girls are always looking for new styles and there are many ways to find a maxi style to suit you. You can find pictorials as well as videos to help you achieve the ever popular maxi look.

A Pictorial on Maxi Hijab Tutorial Showing You The Steps To Achieve The Maxi Hijab Style

maxi hijab tutorial
Maxi hijab tutorial
  • Step 1: Take your scarf along its width and pin to both sides of your bonnet or under cap. Have 1 long end and 1 short end.
  • Step 2:Grab hold of your long end.
  • Step 3: Bring it over to the opposite side.
  • Step 4:Secure it with a pin.
  • Step 5: Grab hold of the opened hole.
  • Step 6: Pull it to the back of your head.
  • Step 7: Secure it with a pin at the back of your head.
  • Step 8: Take your long end which you pinned in step 4 and pull it to the back and pin.

You have just completed your maxi hijab pictorial and look fabulous. This is a very soft look and will go very well with a long dress. Here are some images to inspire you to wear the maxi hijab.

Maxi hijab style
Maxi Hijab style

See how the maxi hijab gives this simple black dress a completely different look. She wore it with a matching bag and see how stunning it looks.

maxi hijab styles
maxi hijab styles

A simple style to wear to campus or on the weekends when you go for a walk.

maxi hijab dress
Maxi Hijab dress

I simply love this dress and the drop of the dress. The maxi hijab creates the same folds as the dress, which makes it the perfect style to wear with this dress.

beautiful maxi hijab
maxi hijab

I think this is a beautiful hijab style and hope you do to. I would love to see what looks you come up with for the maxi hijab style. And remember there are many tutorials you can look at, including videos to help you perfect this style. Until next time, happy styling. Also read Numerous Hijab Styles to Suite your Face.