Maxi Hijab Dress In Malaysia

If you’re wondering what the latest Hijab style in Malaysia is then it is the Maxi scarf style over beautiful dresses. The maxi scarf is one of our favorite ways of wrapping a scarf; firstly it is very traditional, secondly it helps in covering you, it’s easy to tie and lastly its is super elegant! Thus, when we heard of the new trend in Malaysia we loved it! There are so many different chic ways of tying the maxi scarf. And you can learn them through tutorials in a few simple ways! You can also learn which type of clothing it would suit the most to wear with! The wedding season is here, so maybe you can wear the maxi style with your bridal dress! We are sure you will be able to find plenty such styles! When you’re buying new clothes for you summer collection, don’t forget to buy long silk or chiffon scarves with them! Imagine wearing colorful scarves with your summer wardrobe for a casual and formal look! How brilliant would you look! to give you an extra hand with your shopping, how about you surf through all the popular styles and designs going around the internet and then plan on what to buy! The best thing about summers is that you can wear sport funky stylish items with it! And this year all sorts of Abayas are in, whether they are in the form of long dresses, one piece Jilbabs or square shaped Kaftans! Women are wearing all types of Islamic dresses! So don’t be modest and put in extra effort to look you best this summer! Scroll down for some brilliant ideas!

In focus: Maxi Hijab Dress in Malaysia

hijab maxi dress malaysia

This gorgeous black Abaya design with chiffon yellow scarf is absolutely beautiful! It’s a contemporary way of wearing the black Burqa, and it’s perfect for a formal dinner!

hijab maxi dress malaysia

Another Maxi style Hijab, but this one is worn with a skirt and a shirt. And if you would look closely at the frill scarf, you will see exactly of elegant it is! It’s a look to carry for a casual lunch!

hijab maxi dress malaysia

Another skirt and shirt look! We love the identical color of the skirt and scarf! But the brown belt gives a break to the entire look!

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