Marriage Mehndi Designs Books For Brides

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If you are getting married soon, you will find marriage mehndi designs books quite useful. They have the latest designs for your wedding day and you can get loads of ideas to show your mehndi artists. I find it quite difficult to follow a pattern  drawn on a page but if is see a video on how to draw it, it seems easier to follow. I have designed a pattern using an image I found online and it wasn’t too difficult to follow. But next time I would like to use a video as I think they will give you some tips on how to create certain curves or how to adjust the pressure to get the desired effect of the mehndi design. I struggle with the leaves. I know it might look easy but once you actually do it, you realise it can be quite challenging. Click here to have a look at previous designs from our previous articles.

Marriage Design Wedding Books 2017-2018

I have seen many different designs for marriage over the past few days and each time I come across something new and different. I have seen the full hand till the elbow design and even a hand design which stops at the wrists. I don’t think I like the design which stops at the wrist for a bride. It looks a bit incomplete, like it needs to go up the arm. I have an image attached below, so you can have a look and let me know if you agree or not. I always thought Indian and Pakistani brides always wear mehndi for their marriage but did anyone ever think about the groom? There are some men who can’t stand the smell of mehndi. I know the mehndi we used to buy when we were younger had a very bad smell. It was a bag of mehndi powder which you had to make from scratch. Those days there weren’t all these fancy types you get today. So, you would buy the bag of powder, which was imported from India, boil tealeaves and make a paste. Then add a few drops of oil to make it smell nice. Mehndi has the effect of making your nails look dull and your skin dry. So, we would apply baby oil to our nails to give it a natural shine. I remember people would often ask why our nails shine when we apply mehndi. They thought we applied a coat of clear nail polish! I have never worn nail polish in my life and I don’t think I ever will. I think we should get to the mehndi design books now before I continue talking any further.

New Lookbook Designs For Brides

These designs are purely bridal and I think they are too fancy for everyday but if you were looking for a simple design, do have a look at our previous articles. You will find simple and modern designs there. Do let me know what you think of these design in the comment box below.

marriage mehndi designs books latest-indian-bridal-mehndi-designs-2013-2014 marriage mehndi designs books marriage mehndi designs books

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