Malaysian influenced hijab styles and tutorials

Malaysia is a beautiful county and hijab is a beautiful dress code so why not combine both and here are the tutorials for hijab styles according to Malaysia. Malaysia is a country full of color and hijab is a dress that can be made in any color and look stunning and stylish. Hijab is an everyday look or an added accessory for the girls who wear it. So here a few tutorials for girls to lighten their mood and bring a few changes to their everyday style.

Tutorials: Malaysian colors and hijab styles

hijab style malaysia tutorial

This is a very colorful hijab style for the girls who wear hijab. This is a Malaysian inspired hijab as it has the bright and the lively colors of Malaysia and the flowy smooth texture for the girls to wear and be completely at ease and be comfortable and look at their best.

hijab style malaysia tutorial

This very classy and bright yet colorful design is the new style for hijab wearing women. This design or combination ca be worn in the contrast of any two colors to one’s liking. This hijab can be accessorized with any sort of a broach to the preference of the women.

hijab style malaysia tutorial

This is a hijab design specifically for the bride of Malaysia. It has the very basic color a bride is supposed to wear that is red but with the touch of the western theme they have a white net veil on the top. And every women deserves to wear a crown and in style the crown is awarded to the one who needs to look like a queen on her day. These a few Malaysian influenced hijab styles of 2016.

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