Magazine Malaysia: Latest Fashion Hijab Style

Today we have taken a page out of a Malaysian Fashion Magazine! Let’s look at their sense of Hijab Style! We know Malaysia as a tourist spot, it is of course beautiful! But did you know how progressive Muslim fashion is there! The street fashion is brilliant because of the cool and chic women and teenagers. They are highly aware of the latest designs and styles, and they are not afraid to wear and show them off! Even the simplest Muslims there are fashionable! Some of the most amazing and capable tutorials are by Malaysians! They know about all the necessary beauty regimes, they know how to put together an outfit and which accessories to wear with them! So they win! Some women in Malaysia prefer traditional Abayas and Hijabs like the Jilbab or the Maxi scarf. Others who are more Western tend to wear Khaleeji or Turque style Hijabs! But they are all wonderful. You can even shop online because their online clothing store is absolutely amazing and efficient. If you’re looking forward to a colorful holiday with cute dresses or trendy outfits! Well then Malaysia is the place to be this summer!

Fashion Hijab Style: Magazine Malaysia 2016-17

hijab fashion style malaysia magazineBefore we put up stylish pictures of Malaysian Hijabs we thought it would be a good idea to show you how progressive their fashion has become! So here is a picture of a Malaysian magazine! Isn’t it impressive?!

hijab fashion style malaysia magazine

This is a combination picture, that shows a traditional Abaya design and the other is more contemporary!

hijab fashion style malaysia magazine

Another absolutely stunning way of designing an Abaya

hijab fashion style malaysia magazine

We love the double shaded sequence dress! It’s elegant and perfect to wear at a formal dinner!

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