Lovely Fashionable Skirts With Hijab Style

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Skirts is something which I wear daily during Summer, with a matching hijab. There’s nothing more comfortable and cool than a skirt in the hot summer months. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit. Skirts are definitely not that cool if you have to wear layers underneath because it’s so see-through! I hate it when this happens and I don’t own a single skirt which can be worn without any layering underneath. So, back to my previous point, skirts might not be so cool after all…

Skirts Styles With Hijab

When I wear my favourite skirt I like to match it with a hijab that’s the same colour. During Summer I like to wear pastel coloured maxi skirts. I don’t know if it’s psychological but I don’t like wearing black during Summer or any dark colour as it makes me hot. A lot of people will say, “it’s all in the mind”, but try wearing black when it’s 39 degrees and then we’ll speak again. However, some people do believe that wearing dark colours block out the sun and you don’t feel the heat as much. I am sceptical about it, if you have any experience on it, do comment in the box below. For more ideas from a previous article, click here.

Hijabs and Skirts For Work

I always wear skirts to work, as a pants during Summer makes me too hot. I don’t wear skirts during winter because, if the wind blows and it’s so cold, you experience that cold chills going through your body even more. So, I rather stay clear of skirts during Winter. But, I am being hypocritical since I wore a dress during Winter for Eid. But I must confess, I had lots and lots of layers beneath it. If you want to wear a skirt during Winter, wear it with thick stockings and leggings and a warm pair of boots. You will be warm and snug all day. Oh, and don’t forget the knee-high socks! Ha-ha!

Images of Hijab and Skirts For Casual Wear

Skirts can be worn in a casual way too. Many girls think that wearing a skirt makes them look dressed-up and they hardly wear it for this reason. But, you get many different types of skirts which should be worn on different occasions. What distinguishes one skirt from another is the fabric. A tulle skirt can be worn for special occasions like weddings and Eid. Brocade is also a new fashionable material used for maxi skirts which can be worn for special occasions too. Cotton and jersey material skirts can be worn every day.

hijab skirts pleated-floral-hijab-skirt hijab skirts

Brocade Skirts With Pretty Hijab

Brocade skirts are a key trend at the moment and I love the prints and natural sheen on the fabrics.

hijab skirts hijab skirts

Skirts For Special Occasions With Hijab

I saw this one image of a skirt for a wedding day. I will share it below. I’m not sure whether I would wear a skirt on my wedding day, but it looks nice and different. The tulle skirts I spoke of earlier are found below too. There is one fully sequined skirt as well. I know there are a few who would wear it and I am definitely one of them! No surprise there, ha-ha!

hijab skirts hijab skirts hijab skirts hijab skirts hijab skirts 0Bling-skirt-and-black-shirt-with-hijab

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