Look: What’s New in Abaya Fashion 2016-17

As seasons change so do fashions change and same is the case with abaya’s in 2016-17, no one would like to move around wearing an old fashioned abaya. All that people want is latest trends that make them standout, In the case of abaya fashion it could be a difficult task as how to dress up in order to look stylish and decent at the same time. Previously there was just an typical method of wrapping a scarf but now we have millions of new trends that help us to carry the scarf in the most fashionable and modern manner. In the year 2016-17 many trends are moving back to the old times like bellbottom pants are coming in fashion so with abaya the old cut is the new trend with a medium amount of flare and mostly used colors will be black, beige, grey and maybe some shades of peach. Everyone wants to look exclusive on special occasions like the big day or other events that are important. Ladies try their best to achieve that perfect look be it in matching shoes or statement pieces. Jilbab can be made stylish by adding brooches. Latest collection for summer mostly has light colors that are suitable for daytime and can be worn stylishly. The new Abaya fashion for 2016-17 is classy.


Looking: Forward to New Abaya Fashion 2016-17

Abaya fashion 2016-17

This image shows an abaya that has less flare but has a very different cut as it can been seen plaits on the right slide and flare on the left side and the print on top gives it a boost.

Abaya fashion 2016-17

This picture shows an abaya perfect for an evening out as we can see the way this abaya is made in straight cut with a normal amount of flare and the twist is added by one side being printed and scarf is also plain this is an very decent look to carry.


Abaya fashion 2016-17
This picture shows how this long flowy turquoise dress is complemented with this gold scarf perfect for an lunch or an daytime event.

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