Look: Out Ffor The New Arrival of Abaya Collection

Ladies are always ready to go out on a shopping spree, so why not now when we have new arrivals for the summer Abaya collection. As keeping in mind the weather that is summers and they are very harsh, so outfits need to be selected very carefully same is the case with Abaya. As Abaya is worn over clothes it should be made of a material that is light and airy because thick materials can’t be worn in this season. So the latest collection of Abaya showcases beautiful, stylish and trendy jilbab’s that are ready to wear. So the tricky part is how to carry it and a matching scarf is also needed, firstly wrapping the scarf was difficult but now so many videos are available online that show hundreds of new ways to wrap your hijab. 2016-17 has put forward trends that are bold and exclusive. Abaya can also be made from cotton or lawn but getting your own stitched is such a hassle, so the solution is to buy a readymade Abaya from any fashion store near you. Different materials are used to make Abaya as those designed for special events and occasions are made of materials such as chiffon and silk. Previously only black Abaya was worn but not anymore now you can flaunt yourself in any color and print of your choice with this new Abaya collection that has arrived in stores.

Here: is The New arrival of Our Abaya Collection

abaya new arrival collection

This is a black Abaya but it is paired with a silk scarf and that same material is used inside the sleeves to create a bold look.

abaya new arrival collection

This image shows that a cape is worn on top of a plain Abaya and the cape has white lace attached to it which helps in breaking the color and a plain black scarf is worn this is an innovative way to create a new look.


abaya new arrival collection

This is an abaya but it has mermaid style in it as it is seen that there not so much flare and then from the knee area a trail is created , this is an new style in abaya.

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