London on Track With The Rest of The World To Dress Wedding Hijabs

hijab wedding dress london

London has inclined its wedding rituals, in accordance with hijab trends, to compliment bridal dresses. The ideology behind hijab is simplicity and modesty which is said to be the beauty and gem of every Muslim girl. This concept of the religious veil, which until recently resided in most of Asia and Middle East, has now stepped into the domain of London. London is believed to be a very vast land of opportunities inviting diversity of expression. Hijab styling has morphed itself to become a personal statement for many woman including brides to make on their wedding day. Many brides in London have taken inspiration of their dresses from the Nigerian brides. Their styling of hijab dressing is derived from the period of early Europe where the hijab was worn over a dress like maxi with full sleeves in order to abide with the tradition. Following are the pictures of some brides from London, each putting forward their statements via freedom of expression; via the styling of their veil.

London: Hijab Wedding Dressing

hijab wedding dress london

The styling of hijab for this particular bride is very simple. This simplicity is successfully maintained throughout the dress via its light color as well as the delicacy of the fabric used. The color and fabric of her hijab is slightly different than that of the rest of the dress therefore maintaining it as the focal point.

hijab wedding dress londonhijab wedding dress london

These brides have given it a more eastern look than the previous one however the choice of their color is as bold yet diverse as possible. They have done a fusion to bring about the essence of both culture and religion. Therefore London has successfully wedded hijab dressing keeping up with the tradition of the rest.