Latest Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women

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Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women 2017-2018

Today, let’s learn more about the Sherwani suits designs for women for wedding. We have many wedding clothing styles and ideas in our previous articles. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here.

Karachi Sherwani Suit Designs For Women

When collecting my images to share with you, my eye just spotted these designs. They looked different from the others. The patterns were different. When I clicked to view the image, I saw they were designs from Karachi. I had no idea that the design was influenced by which part of Pakistan they were made in. I would love for someone to explain to me what makes this design a Karachi design and what makes these sherwani designs different from the other Pakistani designs which I featured throughout the article. Here are the designs Karachities!

Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women

Both these designs have a straight cut top and beautiful embroidery work. Embroidery is commonly found on Pakistani designs. Pakistani clothing are more of the classical style and not very daring and outspoken.

Pink Sherwani Designs For Wedding

Brides love wearing pink on their wedding day and these sherwani designs are very modern and different. They are very detailed and this is what brides are looking for. We wear simple clothing everyday and when there is a special occasion, we dress up. When it is your wedding day, you want to wear something that is so dressed up, you wouldn’t ever wear it again. These are the sherwani designs that brides look for. The ones which no on else would wear for a special occasion since it is too fancy.Let’s look at some lovely designs.

Bridal Sherwani Designs For Brides

I just spoke of the pink designs for ladies on their wedding day and these are so pretty. The ombre pink design below is high fashion. I saw a stunning green and orange ombre design at the eastern wear boutique and it was a bit pricey so I didn’t purchase it. However, for bridal wear you would spend a bit extra. The wide skirt looks very princess-like. I would never think of wearing such a long top with a skirt. In the Indian eastern wear, the tops are short so I’m used to wearing and seeing that style. The longer tops for the sherwani looks quite nice. But I do think it is for a slimmer figure.

Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women wedding-sherwani-suits-designs-for-women-in-india-pakistan

I like this velvet edging on the border of the skirt. This is for the more mature women. The embroidery work is so stunning and I am sure many brides would love it. I am sure you are thinking of your stomach that will be open and how is this modest wear. But these days you can wear under tops and all is well. I think the under tops is the best solution to all our problems. I have only recently worn a boobtube dress with an undertop for the first time. I was too scared to wear it and I am glad I broke it.

Sherwani Styles For Girls Attending Weddings

sherwani-suits-designs-for-women-in-india-pakistan Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women wedding-sherwani-suits-designs-for-women-in-india-pakistan-party Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women Wedding Sherwani Suits Designs for Women black-rich-look-anarkali-suit-for-reception-wear-4613

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